The Seven Stars

How did we get here?


The Seven Stars has existed, as a pub, since 1640 and has been known as the Seven Stars since at least 1854, when it was known as the Seven Stars Inn.


In 1991 it was bought by a large corporate pub company (Punch Taverns). The following ten years saw the coming and going of ten Landlords, as each tried to make a viable business in the face of high rents and tied leases.


On Friday 8th April 2011, a "For Sale" notice was erected outside the Seven Stars pub in Dinton. This was the starting point for a roller coaster journey taken by a group of locals. Terry Heath, Dick ODriscoll, Jon Taylor, Chris Robinson and Steve Merry, all regulars in the Stars, came together and decided to try to buy the pub to safeguard this asset for the community.


Initial response from the community was encouraging and through a combination of emails, leaflet drops, telephone calls and face to face meetings, sufficient funds were available to enable a final bid in competition with others in early July. The bid was successful and during the next three months a bank loan was arranged, a grant was applied for, surveys were carried out, prospective tenants were interviewed to take on the lease and for the last eight weeks the team actually ran the pub.


On Wednesday 16th November the purchase was completed and the Seven Stars now belongs to 65 local investors.

What do we want?


The principal aim of the Seven Stars Dinton Ltd is to have a thriving pub once again in Dinton.


It is the Company's intention to work closely with our chosen tenent to ensure the Seven Stars becomes and remains a successful business, for the benefit of the community and the Lessee.

Chrs Robinson


The communal joy on securing the pub was overshadowed by the tragic and untimely death, three days before completion, of Chris Robinson.

Chris' passion and drive helped us secure the Seven Stars. Like so many other community projects in the Parish, Chris was at the very heart of it and he will be sorely missed.

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