The Seven Stars

16th November 2011.... we did it!!!!!!

This lovely 17th Century pub was savedfor the community when 64 local (and not so local) shareholders took ownership

In brief...


The Seven Stars public house went up for sale in April 2011, following a period of ten years during which there were ten landlords, with increasing periods of closure and uncertainty.

A group of villagers decided to try to buy the pub to safeguard its future for the village and community. A company, Seven Stars Dinton Ltd was established and this website set up in May 2011. Community investors were sought out with meetings in the Village Hall, distribution of leaflets, e-mail campaign, etc.


In August 2011 we submitted an application for a grant to the Leader programme. In October 2011 we secured a bank loan. By beginning of November we had amassed 66 shareholders, contributing over £400,000 in funds.




With the community funds, the Project Grant and the bank loan we were able to purchase the Seven Stars on November 16th 2011


Seven Stars Dinton Limited immediately signed a lease with David Berry and Stephanie Guiraute to run the Seven Stars.

Since then Seven Stars Dinton Ltd has refurbished and redecorated the pub facade and laid a new tarmac car park. Internally the pub has been repainted and in the near future a new, updated bar will be installed.


In October 2013 the Seven Stars pub was the overall winner of the Aylesbury Vale Village Pub Competition 2013/14.




Stephanie Guiraute and David Berry have taken the lease and are now running a traditional English pub offering excellent value for money.


English food with a French twist.


David is a veteran of the industry with more than thirty years' experience and Stephanie has flair and enthusiasm that makes her a front of house natural.

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